How to use this course.

Welcome to our Basic Manners for Adult Dogs course!

We want to explore why dogs behave the way they do and what we can do to change their behavior from wild and crazy to controlled and well-mannered!

There are a couple ways you can use this course:

Option 1. "I need to teach my dog some basics, like, now!"

You can simply go through the skills and pick the ones you would like to teach your dog. There are video demonstrations and printable sheets for each skill. There is a workbook at the end of the course with all skills included. This course is available to you forever so take your time to go through. Reach out with any questions.

Option 2. "I want to know the hows and the whys of Science-Based Training."

You can go through each module to learn the concepts behind dog training. This peek behind the curtain will provide you the information and skills to train the dog you have today and every dog you ever share your home and heart with.

For the low, low price of this online course!

To receive the completion certificate, you will need to complete all knowledge assessments and send a video of 3 completed skills (distance, duration, distraction not required).